Praise for When the Earth

Young is at her generous best when she slips into strangeness, divining a latent ache to produce some truly affecting poems. —Matthew Tierney, author of The Hayflick Limit

A wonderful revelation… Young evokes those initially fleeting moments paramount in shaping who we are as human beings. —Michael Fraser, author of The Serenity of Stone

Memorable discoveries … imaginative leaps. —John Robert Colombo, author of Less of Light

Young’s poems are short meditations on the experiences that create a life and give it meaning. —Jan Lermitte, Canadian Literature

Praise for This Cabin

She excels at one of poetry’s key magical acts: fashioning silence into words. —Stephen Humphrey, author of Blue Angels

These are deeply satisfying poems that ring clear and resonate. —Kate Marshall Flaherty, author of Reaching V