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Lisa Young

Young’s poems are short meditations on the experiences that create a life and give it meaning. —Jan Lermitte, Canadian Literature

Lisa is in the throes of preparing online poetry craft talks, which will take place online at the Wychwood Writers Workshop. Stay tuned to find out the launch date and details. In the meantime, you’re welcome to sign up for her email list and receive a poetry-editing checklist.

Lisa Young is the author of the poetry collection When the Earth (Quattro Books) and This Cabin (Lyricalmyrical Press).

She is the founding editor of Juniper, an online poetry journal.

Her poetry has featured in several publications including, the Literary Review of Canada, One Hand Clapping, Minola ReviewPoetry Pause, Verse-VirtualThe Quilliad, Synaeresis, and in Diane Lockward’s craft book, The Practicing Poet: Writing Beyond the Basics.

Lisa’s short stories have appeared in the Maple Tree Literary SupplementRampike MagazineDead Gender, and Dragnet Magazine.

She is a freelance editor and writer in Toronto.